Brad Stevens provides injury updates on Robert Williams, Jayson Tatum, Marcus Smart heading into offseason


Any team that goes as deep as the Celtics did is going to be playing through some injuries by the end, and they were no exception.

How will Brad Stevens approach this offseason?

Robert Williams returned from a March knee surgery during the first round and had to manage the knee throughout the postseason. He was consistently listed as questionable, missed several games during the second and third rounds, and often played reduced minutes.

Marcus Smart missed two games with a quad injury and another after suffering a nasty-looking ankle sprain. Jayson Tatum didn’t miss any games, but dealt with a shoulder injury for the final two rounds that clearly caused him some discomfort at times.

On Tuesday, president of basketball operations Brad Stevens provided updates on them and said that as of now, no surgeries are anticipated for any of them.

“Nothing that I anticipate,” Stevens said. “Those guys will just need some rest, and they should be good to go. Obviously they played anyways.”

Watching Williams was perhaps the most concerning for fans, as it was clear all playoffs that he was hurting and not yet fully healed from his surgery. Despite how painful it looked for Williams at times, both he and the Celtics maintained that he was not in danger of doing any further structural damage to the knee. Stevens reiterated that on Tuesday as well.

“Rob’s knee, as he went through the whole course of the playoffs, especially when we were playing every other day in the second round and third round, it was very much just how he reacted day-to-day within that 48-hour window,” Stevens said. “He felt much better in the Finals, and obviously played pretty well in the Finals.

“But he needs to take some time. Both our doctors and others we have consulted with have said the same thing: There’s certainly no risk in being out there, but when it’s over, you need to take a few weeks for it to completely settle down, so that you’re not putting as much of a load on it as you are throughout the playoffs.”