Cam Newton on GHS responds to being benched vs. 49ers, how he tries to remain positive


Give Cam Newton this, despite his recent struggles, he's open, honest and tells things how they are.

Appearing on The Greg Hill Show Monday morning, Newton was asked if he was surprised when he was benched in the fourth quarter Sunday against the 49ers?

“No. I’m a realist, but yet through it all I am coachable," he said. "I didn’t want to put up a [stink]. How bad would that have been? ‘I’m not coming out.’ That would have been embarrassing. [Bill Belichick] came and said, ‘[Jarrett] Stidham is finishing’ and I agreed. That’s what it was.

“For any type of competitor, do you feel embarrassed? Yeah. I am as honest as I can possibly be right now, but yet it tells you. And the first thing I said to myself coming home, I said, ‘You keep playing games like that, bro, and it’s going to be a permanent change.’ So, whatever type of way that we have to motivate ourselves, I am honest with myself so that leaves no type of miscommunication with others. And when the change happened, I am stuck on the sideline listening to plays and saying to myself, ‘Listen, is this really how you want to do things? This is how you want things to be done?’ Until you make that step to get better, as you have been harping on these last couple weeks than that is going to be what it’s going to be.”

Newton finished the game 9-of-15 passing for 98 yards with three interceptions. He said he may be thinking too much.

“Nervous? No. Scared? Absolutely not. Thinking? Now that is something that I can probably finger point," he said. "But yet, there’s no need to feel any type of way but accepting all challenges and I have to get better. And I am adamant about it.”

Through all the struggles and the 2-4 Patriots record, Newton says there is "light at the end of the tunnel."

“I know I am better that what I am putting on film. And that’s simple," he said. "I accept any type of personal blaming and dealings and I know there’s light at the end of the tunnel. You cannot get to three and four wins without getting to one win and that’s everything that we’re worried about.

"At this particular point I am not caring about what any other team does as I haven’t. It’s just about us. It’s about how we react and how we play physical, it’s about how we play mistake free and if we do that we still haven’t seen that game. Until we do that is when you attract the right things to your team.”

The Patriots will take on the Bills in Buffalo Sunday afternoon.