Patriots TV ratings were up big this season, but still down considerably from Brady era

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Patriots TV ratings were up considerably this season compared to their 20-year nadir during the short-lived Cam Newton era. But the numbers are still considerably down from Tom Brady’s final season.

The Patriots averaged a 31.5 TV rating in Boston, according to Sports Business Journal. That’s 17 percent higher than last season’s total of 26.9, giving New England the fifth-highest increase in the NFL. Overall, 21 of the league’s 32 teams posted ratings increases this year over last year.

Those strong figures reflect the league’s national TV numbers, as the NFL posted its best viewership numbers since 2015. An astonishing 91 of the top 100 telecasts on TV during the season were NFL games. The league is expecting to see its Divisional Round ratings increase by 20 percent.

With those kinds of increases, the NFL’s new $113 billion media rights deal could soon be a bargain.

It isn’t surprising the Patriots saw their numbers soar this season, considering they were back in contention with a highly touted rookie quarterback and revamped roster. Still, it’s worth mentioning they drew an average TV rating of 35.5 in 2019, which is 11 percent higher than this year.

The Patriots’ average local TV rating for 2018, their last Super Bowl season, was 35.

Buffalo’s route of the Patriots last week was the least-watched game of Wild Card weekend, clocking in at 26.4 million viewers.