Rodney Harrison believes Patriots should trade for Matthew Stafford


Who plays quarterback for the Patriots in 2021 is a giant mystery.

It could be Cam Newton, Jarrett Stidham, a rookie, a veteran signed via free agency, or even a veteran acquired via trade.

Former Patriots safety and current NBC analyst Rodney Harrison recently chimed in and believes it should be Matthew Stafford from a trade with the Lions.

"I’ll just say this, if I’m the Patriots, I’m looking to make a trade," he said on NBC Sports' Safety Blitz. "I’m looking to make a trade because think about Matthew Stafford on the Patriots if [Bill] Belichick adds a couple weapons, with his coaching, that young defense, I just think they have a better chance."

Stafford is signed through 2022 and has cap hits of $35 million in 2021 and $28 million in 2022, so his contract would need to be adjusted, but he could be willing to do it if it means playing for a winning team.

"A guy like Matthew Stafford who’s made tons of money, he's financially secure, maybe he can go to the Pats and say, instead of asking for $30 million a year, ‘Pay me $20 million, pay me $18 million. I’ll take less money to come to a winner, to be able to play on national TV, to be able to have Coach Belichick as my coach,’" Harrison said. "Most players that come to New England are taking pay cuts. I took a pay cut to come to New England, but it was all good."

The Patriots are currently slated to have the third-most cap space in the league this offseason.

Featured Image Photo Credit: USA Today Sports