Curtis Granderson Tells Joe And Evan He Has No Interest In Managing Mets


The Mets have a managerial opening and while one former outfielder, Carlos Beltran wants the job, another said he has no interest. Curtis Granderson joined Joe Benigno and Evan Roberts on Tuesday and made it clear, he has no intention of being the next Aaron Boone or Alex Cora. 

While Granderson hasn't been speculated as a possilbe candidate for the Mets job, as the 38-year old outfielder's playing days near an end, he emphatically said "No chance," when asked by Roberts about the possibilty of becoming a manager. A notably intelligent player on the field and popular with fans off the field, Granderson seems like a good candidate to remain in the dugout after he retires, but a manager's lack of job security is unappealing.

"Watching how the turnover continues to happen, even when you win, you're still not safe," Granderson said, citing Joe Maddon losing his job with the Cubs three years after winning the World Series.

In addition to the lack of job security, Benigno mentioned baseball managers are viewed by some as "a puppet for the guys in the front office." Granderson didn't argue the point. 

"If we're going to let the general manager have so much say in the lineup, then pre and post-game have them also do the interviews with the manager," Granderson said.

As far as rumored managerial candidates that could wear orange and blue for the Mets next season, Granderson believes Joe Girardi would be a good fit.

Curtis GrandersonKim Klement/USA TODAY Images

"His competitive nature and the way he's able to handle it from a focus standpoint, probably because he was a catcher and had to be in control of the game, he can handle so many different things."

Granderson played for the Joe Girardi led New York Yankees from 2010-2013.

"He's had guys like Derek Jeter who he played with and then had to manage," Granderson said, while adding Girardi handled aging stars, high-priced players, the New York media and through it all, he won. 

"The one thing you can't take away from somebody is if they've had a chance to win and do it," Granderson told Joe and Evan.

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