Jets' Quincy Enunwa Is 'Tired' Of Losing, Calls Adam Gase 'Mad Genius'


Quincy Enunwa's had enough with the Jets' misfortunes of years past. 

The Jets recorded just one winning season since Enunwa joined the team as a rookie in 2014. They've finished last in the AFC East in every season since their 10-6 finish in 2015, failing to surpass five wins in a season since then. With a new head coach, Le'Veon Bell's arrival and Sam Darnold's continued development, Enunwa hoping that the Adam Gase era is going to bring the Jets back to their winning ways.

Enunwa joined Evan Roberts on Friday to discuss his high expectations for the team in upcoming regular season, which is set to begin against the Bills on Sept. 8.  

"We just want to go out there and win," Enunwa said. "We've had a few seasons of losing and we're tired of it. So whatever it takes to get out there and win some games. That's what we're going to do.

"The bar is high for us. We want to win. We're going to try and do our best to put it out on the field and show out everything we've been doing in camp."

Enunwa is also enjoying playing under the offensive-minded Gase and how different the team is under his watch. 

"He's definitely crazy," Enunwa said. "He's a good type of crazy. He's like a mad genius. He's out there competing against [defensive coordinator> Gregg Williams and you can kind of tell they're always going at it. It gets us as players fired up and ready to go as well."

The veteran wideout also says it's a noticably difference seeing Gase's system compared to the ones he saw when playing for Rex Ryan and Todd Bowles. 

"You can tell by the way practice is ran," Enunwa said. "It's pretty cool to see. I haven't experienced it so I'm just trying to enjoy it, as much as I can ... They're all completely different people. All have some great qualities in themselves."

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