Mike Francesa's Final Regularly-Scheduled Show to Air on WFAN on Friday


“We opened this program by proclaiming finally, because we have baseball back. We close it with an announcement of some finality: tomorrow night will be my last regularly-scheduled broadcast on the FAN.”

Thirty-three words for 33 years of the FAN, but those words made this official: Mike Francesa will no longer be “back after this,” as his final regularly-scheduled show will air on WFAN and RADIO.COM Friday night from 6-7 p.m.

A stoic Francesa made the announcement at the end of a truncated Thursday edition of Mike’s On, stating that “this has been a very strange year,” and that his exit comes in part from wanting to spend more time with family and “not have a regular schedule as part of my day anymore.”

Here is Francesa’s full statement:

“I have been discussing this with the company for a while; we had agreed, and they’ve been great about it, that I would stay until sports came back, and now sports has come back.

“Listen, I have cut back dramatically. This has been a very strange year that has made me think about different things and want to do different things. I don’t want to have a regular schedule as part of my day anymore. I want to spend more time with family, and be able to take my kids to a bunch of colleges – I have three in high school right now, and I want to be able to make those trips. I look forward to it.

“I want to spend more time with my family, and I also want to be able to go to Florida more, where we have a home. And, I have some other interests; business interests, the horses – I still have a great goal of trying to one day see  if I can find my way to the (Kentucky) Derby with a horse, it’s a goal I haven’t been able to fulfill.

“I’m not retiring, but I will tell you there won’t be any more regularly-scheduled programs on the FAN, or anywhere else, in my future; I’m not saying I won’t appear on a show as a guest, I’m not saying you won’t hear me publicly, or I won’t be involved in some projects. All that is possible. I’ve been offered a couple of times to write a book, and maybe one day I’ll give in; we’ll see. I’m not saying you’ll never hear from me again – what I’m saying is that I think it’s a very good time. The company has been great about it, and they’ve been accommodating in every way.

“I’ve said to them during this that when sports comes back, I want to step back from doing anything regularly. I want to be free to go travel, take my kids to schools, go to Florida – this crazy stuff we’ve gone through the last four or five months has opened my eyes, and that’s what I want to do.

“I can tell you that both locally with the FAN and with Entercom nationally, they have been as accommodating as they can possibly be; they’ve been very good about everything, and said whatever you want to do, the door is always open to come back and do whatever you want, but this is what I want to do.

“The FAN will always be a great part of my life. I’ve had a career that I never dreamt I could’ve had, and I’ve been incredibly fortunate in every way. I’ve had a career that’s far exceeded anything I could’ve dreamt about. I’m proud of everything we’ve been able to accomplish, and I’m ready to hand it off to the folks who come next – and the FAN is going to be as big and as successful as it’s always been in the years to come. I really believe that.”

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