Jastremski On WFAN: Dellin Betances Signing A Great Christmas Present For Mets


Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays Mets fans, looks like you got your first present a day early!

As SNY's Andy Martino reported earlier Tuesday afternoon, the New York Mets have signed veteran reliever Dellin Betances to a one-year deal.

Just hours before Christmas Eve, WFAN's John Jastremski opened his show with his reaction to the Mets' Betances signing.

"There are two ways to look at this big deal. From the Mets perspective: much needed. What was the achilles heel of the 2019 New York Mets? Inability to hold a lead. Bullpen not being deep enough. You now get a guy when he's right is one of the premiere relievers in all of baseball. His stuff is electric. He's proven he can do it. He hasn't proven that he can be a closer. That element will be interesting. How will Carlos Beltran, his buddy from their time with the Yankees, going to handle him?"

The Mets have been busy this offseaosn even before today, signing pitchers Rick Porcello and Michael Wacha to one-year contracts.

"Anytime you get a reliever in New York, putting on that Yankee or Met uniform, how are they going to handle that stage? Doesn't matter if its February or August, you're under that pressure cooker... some guys are not cut out to handle New York City. They're just not. The media, the scrutiny, the fans, the blown save: you're gonna hear it. Some can handle it, others cannot. You won't have one question with Betances like you did with Edwin Diaz, is he too soft to handle New York City? Betances has been