Peter King: I Won't Be Surprised If Giants Fire Pat Shurmur


The Giants had lost nine games in a row before beating the lowly Dolphins on Sunday.

It has been another frustrating season for Pat Shurmur’s team. For the second consecutive year, the Giants won’t finish anywhere near the playoffs. At the moment, they are still tied for the second-worst record in the league.

Back-to-back years filled with dismal results have some Giants fans calling for Shurmur, and general manager Dave Gettleman, to be fired.

On Monday, Peter King of NBC Sports joined Maggie Gray and Marc Malusis on WFAN.  King doesn’t think Gettleman will be fired, but he said he wouldn’t be surprised if Shurmur goes.

“I think the larger question is, are the Giants making suitable progress? I would be hard-pressed to say they’re making suitable progress, based on what I’ve seen this year,” said King. “I think that, even though it’s only been two years … I won’t be surprised if they fire Shurmur. I’d be slightly surprised if they fired Gettleman, but this is not a team that is in great personnel shape.”

Shurmur’s seat has been hot for a while, at least with the fans and the local media. It’s unclear if the Giants themselves are considering a change, or if they’re willing to write off this year as another one of transition for the franchise.

In two years as Giants head coach, Shurmur’s record is just 8-22. No one expected the Giants to be Super Bowl contenders this year, but their defense has been among the worst units in the league all season, and Daniel Jones, who started his rookie season so well, seemed to struggle more as the season went on.

Pat ShurmurUSA TODAY Images

None of those developments bode well for Shurmur.

Gettleman may not take the fall this offseason, but King didn’t back away when Gray asked him about his previous labeling of the Giants GM as a “personnel dinosaur.”

“I don’t think he’s a very progressive guy.”

King also spoke about the sendoff for Eli Manning on Sunday, as the two-time Super Bowl champion played what is could be his final game for the Giants at home.

“There is no space for sentimentality in football, unless it’s a day like yesterday, where the only thing the Giants are playing for is a draft choice. It was an absolutely wonderful moment. I thought it was beautiful after the game in the locker room where he gets the game ball and he says: ‘boys, there’s nothing like the feeling of a win in an NFL locker room on a Sunday.’”

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