Sean Avery On Confronting Drivers Who Block NYC Bike Lanes: It's 'Therapeutic'


Retired from hockey now for seven years, Sean Avery is taking his fight to New York City's bike lanes.

The former Rangers center, who is pursuing an acting career in the Big Apple and enjoys biking around the city, isn't afraid to call out drivers who block the bicycle lanes. He's been known to videotape his profanity-laced confrontations and post them on his Instagram account.

"Some guys will brace themselves, and I'll see them -- they'll dig their heels down on the ground and then we'll exchange profanities, and then you go on your way, which was always sort of my real romantic thought of New York City, that that was something you were able to do," Avery told WFAN's "Boomer and Gio" show Monday morning. "You saw it in the movies."

Avery, 39, was known for being an agitator over his 11-year NHL career with the Rangers, Detroit Red Wings, Los Angeles Kings and Dallas Stars. He said he finds challenging motorists helps fill a void in his life.

"I am slowly starting to realize how cathartic and therapeutic it is for me because this is my release," said Avery, who twice led the NHL in penalty minutes. "I can get it out. And there's no question that that's a thing with us when we're done playing.

"Trust me, there's days where I wish that somebody would get out of his car in the bike lane and we would just take our jackets off like men calmly and just go at it," he added.

When Boomer Esiason asked Avery if he's afraid that someone might pull a gun on him, he joked that "in a crazy way, I feel like if I got shot it would just kind of be like a flesh wound and it would sort of bounce off me."

Avery added that his bike-lane videos seem to be a hit with Instagram users.

"If I go out for the next two hours and do bike-lane videos, I'll have 15,000 new followers by the end of the day," he said.