Buck Showalter on MLB's COVID-19 Situation: 'It Looks Rough Right Now'


For the second straight day, the usual WFAN.com coverage of Moose & Maggie’s Mystery Guest is being pre-empted (or should we say revised?) because the Mystery Guest’s comments were just too hot to handle in the regular way.

On Tuesday, it was former Yankees manager and current YES analyst Buck Showalter who joined Marc Malusis and Maggie Gray in the 1 p.m. hour on WFAN – with Maggie asking Buck a new question of “who is the most famous person you have in your phone?” to which Buck responded “my wife” and Moose ID'ed him right away – but pleasantries aside, there was business to get to: the COVID-19 outbreak affecting Major League Baseball in a major-league way.

And Buck didn’t mince words: “it looks rough right now.”

“It’s so easy to sit around and second guess, and say what they should’ve done, but this is uncharted territory for everybody,” he said. “I applaud them for trying, and you’re always very sensitive to people’s situations and perspectives…but it looks rough right now. There’s so much required of individuals to think about how their actions reflect on their fellow man, that it requires a lot of thinking about others, and some people, because of their life experiences, just aren’t there yet, and don’t realize the ramifications their actions have on others.”

And as a former manager, Buck understands the difficult spot managers are put in having to be spokesmen, chaperones, arbiters, and so much more in this bizarre season, but WHAT.

“You know the responsibility you have, but when I was a manager, every spring I would throw a notebook out there, and take my three most veteran players, and say, ‘you make the rules, tell me what you want to be about and how you want to get there,’” he said. “When something happens, you have to police yourself, because I’m not chasing you around. It will show up on the field. There’s so much free time, and what’s the expression – what do you do when nobody is looking? You have to make those decisions and have personal discipline, but it only takes one. It’s the epitome of a team thing: everybody has to be on the same page, but you’re playing against people who may not carry the same values.”

Buck also noted he had plenty of personal thoughts about the whole pandemic situation and how it related to baseball and life, but instead of “being Debbie Downer, or John Downer, or whatever,” he simply offered this:

“I’m getting real deep, but when you wear a mask and do all these things, you’re thinking not just about yourself and your family, but your fellow man and woman, so to speak,” he said. “I personally think a lot of things in our world are going to hinge on whenever we get a vaccine, and everyone has a different look on it.”

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