Chris Simms: Daniel Jones Can Be a Top 10 NFL Quarterback


Monday's Moose and Maggie Mystery Guest presented by Jersey Mike’s was not Al Dukes, even though Maggie guessed as such and the guest was less than happy she did. Moose & Maggie did redeem themselves, though, as after finding out the guest was a football analyst on TV and radio who was New York adjacent, he was correctly identified as…Chris Simms!

Yes, it was the NBC Sports football analyst and son of a New York football legend who joined Moose and Maggie to kick off their final hour, and his first thought was this, when asked how the NFL might have to heed caution given what just broke in the MLB world about COVID-19 outbreaks today:

"It’s scary. I was a little hopeful, after what we saw with the Nationals and Juan Soto, but it is concerning,” Simms said. “A lot of my friends in the NFL are somewhat optimistic because of the protocols the NFL has put in place, but to think your team is not going to get infected here or there, and it could turn into double digits? You have to be prepared for that…I mean, Miami, the hot spot of the world, their team got infected? Shocker! As a country we have to be prepared for that, we need to get a handle on this, and then we can move forward.”

This is happening as MLB is in three distinct regional groupings, while the NFL is in “32 separate bubbles” as Simms put it – but the NFL may not have been able to be bubble-supportive anyway.

“They probably could’ve been ready if they got the plan in action in the spring, so maybe you have eight teams at four different locations, but it’s hard. Football is a different animal, because you need lots of different meeting rooms, and 100-yard football fields and places to store 80 or 90 guys just don’t grow on trees,” Simms said. “There’s more to deal with, so the NFL is doing their best to do 32 individual bubbles – fiscally they’re taking a risk, but some money is better than no money or losing money. But, I don’t think NFL players are overly concerned about COVID-19.”

Once down to actual football though, Simms gave his thoughts on the New York battle between Sam Darnold and Daniel Jones, with the latter being ranked higher in Simms’ annual rankings:

“I like them both, but Jones is the one I’d go with. I was floored by him last year – I know we’re going talk about the fumbling issue, which is an issue no doubt, but if you went down the checklist of issues to worry about on what makes a quarterback successful, that’d be way down the list,” Simms said. “He’s a very coachable player, and is trying to do what the coach says, and he’s fearless in the pocket, which has led him into trouble – but those are things that are easily fixable. And, he carried that offense at times last year, with not a lot of support behind him. I think he can be a Top 10 quarterback this year.”

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