Maggie Gray: 'Joe Kelly as a Hero is Absolutely Ridiculous'


Twitter was abuzz overnight and Wednesday morning after seeing Joe Kelly throw behind not one, but two Houston Astros during Tuesday’s game, and then mocking the ‘Stros after striking out Carlos Correa – which sparked MLB’s first “socially distant bench-clearing brawl” of 2020.

It seemed the majority of Twitter, and many Yankees fans still harboring resentment over the Astros’ cheating scandal, sided with Kelly, including the majority who voted in the Moose & Maggie poll:

Joe Kelly threw near the heads of two Astros players. Is the pitcher...

— Moose and Maggie (@MandMWFAN) July 29, 2020

There’s one person in New York that didn’t agree, though: Maggie Gray.

Atop the second hour of WFAN’s Moose and Maggie Show Wednesday, Gray went off about the situation, lauding Kelly not as a hero, but as a fraud.

“I can see by the reaction on social media that this touched a lot of people and made them feel a certain way, and obviously, the faces Joe Kelly was making were very memeable, but I don’t understand where he has become a hero,” Maggie said. “Think about what he did – we all know the Astros cheated in 2017, and Kelly was on the Red Sox team they beat in the Division Series, and I understand people are ticked off at the Astros. There’s a lot to this story, and we talked about it for weeks – but how Joe Kelly is a hero for going headhunting is absolutely ridiculous.”

Better ways to handle your business, says Maggie.

“There is a way to get retribution, and that wasn’t it – that was dirty baseball,” she said. “We saw Joe Kelly try to be Mr. Tough Guy with Tyler Austin…you can do what you need to do, but the truth is, it doesn’t take a genius to know that throwing at someone’s head is dangerous and bush-league.”

“He threw behind them,” Moose interjected, to which Maggie replied: “Anywhere near the head is ridiculous. These guys have pinpoint accuracy, and if you want to hit somebody in the ass, that’s fine. But it doesn’t have to be headhunting.”

Of course, Kelly has had control issues in the past and even reportedly broke a window with an errant pitch during a home training session while in quarantine, so perhaps it was an “accident” – but Maggie isn’t buying it, even if Moose is all about it.

“You didn’t expect this to transpire after what happened with the Astros in 2017? I get it, but I love what Joe Kelly did. I’m not saying it’s right to throw at somebody’s head, I understand he’s wild – you watched the at-bats, he was wild and he wasted a 3-0 pitch to throw behind a guy,” Moose said. “I’m never a proponent of headhunting, but we’re dealing in an area where this policing is part of the game.”

Of course, Moose had two examples from situations Mets fans will never forget, involving Mike Piazza and Ruben Tejada.

“Just ask Shawn Estes when he’s throwing at Roger Clemens, or Noah Syndergaard with Chase Utley – Mets fans wanted blood in those situations, but Estes skipped the ball in at Clemens’ feet because he was scared to hit him,” Moose said. “But in hindsight, this is what you’re going to get if you’re the Astros, and you did what you did in 2017 and handled it the way you did in Spring Training. Baseball players have long memories.”

You can listen to the whole exchange below, and, as always, you can check out more on-demand audio from Moose & Maggie, or tune in every day to the or Twitch.TV/WFAN livestreams of the show!

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