Moose and Maggie’s Mystery Guest: 7/29/2020


On Wednesday, Moose and Maggie’s Mystery Guest presented by Jersey Mike’s came on about a half-hour later than usual, but that’s okay, because he just jetted in.

Today’s Mystery Guest put on his best falsetto voice to try to trick Moose & Maggie as he called in from California, but when he told Maggie that he played basketball in NYC but not professionally, Maggie nailed the identity as…

Kenny Smith!

Yes, it was “The Jet” who joined Moose and Maggie to kick off their final half-hour, and he revealed why he was in the Golden State and not the Sunshine State’s NBA bubble.

“With the pandemic, I’ve been doing the Jet Academy – myself and quite a few players have been doing virtual streaming academies live. If you guys could see me, I’m sweating because we just finished one with Victor Oladipo. We have over 3,500 kids signed up in a week! Kids’ development shouldn’t stop because of the pandemic, so why not learn from the best?”

Kenny promoted on Monday in an appearance with Joe and Evan as well, but on Moose & Maggie, that talk led into a convo about how right now, amateur athletes are getting their self-motivation tested amidst the pandemic – and it’s a trait Smith holds dear.

“The big thing that you understand is that for me, I didn’t get better playing AAU – it was a great experience, but I got better working on my own. I wouldn’t have been an NBA player if I didn’t work on my own,” Smith said. “I tell these players working with me, ‘show us what you do, and what you did to get here.’ They ask me what the script is, and I tell them there is no script, because everyone’s would be different. We all did different things to get ready.”

Of course, there was lots of NBA talk with the bubble holding strong as the league prepares to resume this week, but we’re not going to spoil that – you’ll have to listen below, and, as always, you can check out more on-demand audio from Moose & Maggie, or tune in every day to the or Twitch.TV/WFAN livestreams of the show!

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