Moose and Maggie’s Mystery Guest: 7/30/2020


On Thursay, Moose and Maggie’s Mystery Guest presented by Jersey Mike’s brought just one letter but many talents to the 1 p.m. hour on WFAN.

Moose & Maggie were stumped after Maggie’s initial incorrect guess, as all the guest would offer were yes or no answers and a revelation that he was in New Jersey. When the minute was up, the guest revealed himself as…

Gary Vaynerchuk!

Yes, it was entrepreneur Gary V, or as Maggie exclaimed, “the honorary third co-host of the Moose and Maggie Show,” that hopped on in the mystery slot, and the trio had an exchange about how correct Vaynerchuk’s assumption of the coming boom for the sports card market was in an interview from months ago.

“Moose, can we please play clips on the interview we did? Literally the last thing I did on Earth before sheltering was be on your show, and it’s been insane,” Gary V said. “I can’t even explain what’s happening with the sports card market; one guy flat out said ‘I believe you’ and bought a bunch of Kobes, and has made $21K on his $3,000 investment.”

Of course, Vaynerchuk is a noted Jets fan who has long said it is his dream to one day own the team, so he has to weigh in on the Jamal Adams deal as a fan, a businessman, and a human.

“My brother and I represent 40 NFL players, so this is something that I really sit in the middle of – I never judge someone’s actions when they’re trying to do something right for their family,” he said. “As a fan, you never want to see your favorite players go into contract demands – us normal people say, ‘shut up, you’re making all this money,’ but the reality is, these men are working hard to maximize their talent. NFL contracts are the worst in all four sports, and Jamal felt he had the leverage. I respect that as a businessman, but then Joe Douglas went out and got a package that made my head spin.”

There was a lot more, but since it’s really hard to spell Vaynerchuk so many times, we’re just going to ask that you listen to the entire segment below – and, as always, you can check out more on-demand audio from Moose & Maggie, or tune to the daily or Twitch.TV/WFAN livestreams of the show!

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