Al Dukes' $5, 5-Team Parlay: 2020 NFL Week 11


How did Al do on his parlay last week? Let’s just put it this way: you can win $114 this week if he finally hits one, and even Al, the man so flippant with money that he’d rather report beer bottles being left on the ground than grab ‘em and cash ‘em in, advises you to put it into savings if you cash in.

This week, we have the subplot of Jerry Bear vs. Little Gio, and something’s gotta give; Gio is all in on the Vikings getting to .500 this week to tease him, but Al took Minnesota -7, which is probably gonna lose, so…well, at least the Jets are back for Al to get one win?

Check out Al’s picks below sponsored by Prop Swap, and come Monday, call in to The Warm-Up Show (you can do that now!) to tell Al how you feel about this week’s parlay!

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