Alien mothership probes and you: an existential Boomer & Gio discussion


Gio heard Al & Jerry on Wednesday's Warm-Up Show discussing the "news" that a recent Pentagon document quotes officials as saying "the alien mothership could be sending probes to Earth," via the Pentagon's "All-Domain Anomaly Resolution Office and Harvard's astronomy department.

"An artifical insterstellar object ould be a prent craft that releases small probes during its close passage to Earth, a construct not dissimilar to NASA," the report is quoted as saying, with a picture of said probe launcher.

We're not saying it was aliens...but if you know Eddie Scozzare, you know he's saying it was aliens, as our resident expert on science fiction. But upon the discussion, Boomer wondered how the mothership coming to Earth would affects us all and especially WFAN's Morning Show...better get that deli oatmeal while you can, Booms.

And for those that want to look down on this, remember two things: there's only so long you can talk about Aaron Rodgers (even though he got referenced in the discussion), and the aliens are watching you. Maybe. Probably. And so is the Mad Dog. Prepare for "the big probe-fest!"

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