Boomer & Gio get in heated debate when Gio rips refs for decisive penalty on Bengals


The AFC title game ended in controversy on Sunday night, as an unnecessary roughness call on Bengals defensive end Joseph Ossai put the Chiefs in field goal range to win the game in the closing seconds of the fourth quarter.

Ossai pushed Patrick Mahomes in the back after he was nearly two steps out of bounds, resulting in the flag. Many said the flag shouldn’t have been thrown, as Ossai was chasing from behind and didn’t have time to slow up, while others noted how far out of bounds Mahomes already was. Others pointed out all the penalties on Kansas City that weren’t called, including one on that same play, and fell down a completely different rabbit hole.

When discussing the play on Monday morning, Boomer and Gio were in a clear disagreement.

“All year long, they’ve been throwing that flag,” Boomer said. “Patrick Mahomes is literally three yards out of bounds, he pushes him, and he goes down. They’ve thrown the flag on that play all year long.”

A furious Gio said that the circumstances should have played a part in the decision by the officials, and didn’t think the call was nearly as blatant as some were making it out to be.

“He was two steps out of bounds…this is the ‘What team goes to the Super Bowl moment?’” Gio said. “It’s just two hands on his back and he falls down. It changes who’s going to the Super Bowl or not! I’m not the only one, man. That ruined the AFC Championship Game, man. I don’t want these idiot officials that effed up the entire day now sending the wrong team to the Super Bowl again. That’s what it felt like to me.”

Agree to disagree, right guys?

“I don’t care, you don’t change the rules of the game…can’t do it,” Boomer said. “Can’t touch the quarterback. Everybody knows that. You sound like a maniac. I’m telling you, that call is called every single time.”

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