Boomer & Gio's Moment of the Day 11/20/2020: The Boss Has Spoken


Never good when The Boss calls in to your show live on the air…well, except for today, when our esteemed program director Mark Chernoff called in to discuss the origin of Boomer & Carton back in 2007.

“It was my decision. When we auditioned you and Craig, within five minutes, I liked the way you guys sounded so much that I turned to Chris (Oliviero, Entercom’s NYC Market Manager and “the big boss” Gio always refers to) and said, ‘this is my morning show’,” Chernoff said. “He asked if I was sure, and I said, ‘I’m positive.’ And he was all in favor.”

And so, the number one morning show in New York was born, and is still going strong 13 years later with Gregg Giannotti now in the chair next to Boomer. All good, except for one thing: The Booms is STILL salty that he and Craiggy weren’t invited to Mike Chernoff’s wedding…in 2008.

The boss is NOT having it.

“Mikey got married 12 years ago, I hardly knew you!”

Man, if Mike gets a job with the Mets? AWK-warrrrrrrrrrrrd!

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