Boomer & Gio Moment of the Day 7/21/21: Mark's at the Finals


Has Mark Chernoff already found a new career path after ending his historic run as WFAN program director? That was the discussion during Wednesday’s Moment of the Day.

The Morning Show crew thought they picked up a sign of Mark during Suns head coach Monty Williams’ postgame Zoom press conference, when there was a loud and distinctive exhale right into the microphone before an emotional Williams began his answer.

The exhale sounded familiar…

“That’s what he’s doing now,” Gio said of Mark. “He’s holding a parabolic mic for ESPN…He’s holding it the wrong way into his face. ‘Turn it around, Mark!’”

That vision broke Chris Lopresti, who burst into a fit of laughter at the thought of Mark holding a microphone directly into his own face.

“I did check with Bob Dwyer to make sure we were on board with this and not just me thinking it was funnier than it was,” C-Lo said. “I admitted I was biased, so I went to others for voting.”

Turns out, the thought of Mark in his hypothetical new job is a hilarious thought.

“It’s a funny image,” Gio said.

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