Boomer & Gio regular 'Dan in Carteret' saves a man's life on Lake Deal


Boomer & Gio fans know Dan in Carteret as a regular caller who has done anything and everything for the show, from sending Al free weights to giving Boomer his grandfatherly nickname to notching the first review of Al’s Boring Beer.

On Friday, however, Dan Campbell from Carteret, N.J., may have saved a man’s life.

As seen (and explained by Dan) in the videos below, Campbell was walking over the bridge from Asbury Park into Loch Arbour on Friday afternoon – headed to the Deal Lake Bar & Company to enjoy an Al’s Boring Beer on draft, he explained – when he saw a man trapped one of the bulkheads of Deal Lake, leg stuck between a beam and the wall and body dangling into frigid water.

According to what Dan told WFAN about the incident, the man had gone down to retrieve something out of the water, taking off his socks and shoes in the process, but slipped and fell and became stuck. Dan, walking across the bridge, spotted the man and called 911, with the Deal Police and various first responders arriving quickly to free the victim.

According to Campbell, no one else walked across the bridge in the entire time the scene unfolded after his arrival, so the man could have been trapped for a lot longer in freezing-cold water.

“I saw him down there turning blue. He told me not to call the police, but there was no way I wasn’t,” he said in the video. “Otherwise, I would’ve had to go down and get him.”

You can check out Dan’s video of the entire scene below, via his Twitter. Here’s to you, Dan.

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Featured Image Photo Credit: Dan Campbell on Twitter