Boomer & Gio's Moment of the Day 12/14/2020: Gio needs a sports therapist

We’re glad Gregg Giannotti isn’t living a life without sports, if for no other reason than we’d have half of a morning show – but sometimes, we understand, you wonder what life would be like on a different path.

So, it was good that disgruntled Vikings fan Gio got some therapy by venting about how much he’s tired about talking about football teams that suck, including his own…and he gave us Moment of the Day!

“I said to Boomer in the break, I wonder what my life would be like without sports. There’s this level of frustration sports has brought me that I can’t get rid of, like a lingering hamstring injury,” Gio began his rant. “That’s what yesterday was – watching the two local teams suck out loud, and then watch my team go right down the field and score a touchdown, and this schmuck-ass kicker misses an extra point!”

Dan Bailey missed more than that kick, too…and Gio wasn’t done, either.

“Then they go right back down the field again and he misses a 36-yard field goal, and next thing you know, there’s some guy who looks like me catching a touchdown from Tom Brady!” Gio continued. “It’s just a joke! Why do you do it to yourself? It’s like enough with these teams that just suck every year, and the Draft ends up bigger than the season!”

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