BREAKING: Craig Carton breaks down details of the NFL's new TV deal - DirecTV out, Prime/ESPN+ in


Craig Carton first had the news on Wednesday that New York was going to allow 20 percent capacity at outdoor stadiums, as announced by Gov. Cuomo Thursday – here’s the proof from Wednesday’s show – and now, Craig broke some huge media news on Thursday afternoon: the NFL has reached a new TV deal that, when it begins in 2023, means the end of NFL Sunday Ticket on DirecTV and Thursday Night Football on television period.

Per Craig’s sources: what was DirecTV’s Sunday Ticket package is going to ESPN+, and Amazon Prime will become the exclusive out-of-market home for Thursday Night Football. Thursday games will be on over-the-air in local markets (meaning Giants and Jets games will likely be on WPIX or a similar channel, as their Thursday night games have been) – but Amazon prime will produce those games themselves.

Also, FOX, CBS, NBC, ESPN will all re-up their deals and continue Sunday and Monday broadcasts as is.

“This is an 11-year deal, with an opt-out after seven years – which is 2030, because the current deal expires in 2023, at the end of the 2022 season,” Craig said, “and the Amazon deal is in the neighborhood of a billion dollars.”

Craig & Evan further discussed the merits of the package – for instance, password sharing issues, or how non-Amazon Prime users are out of luck on Thursdays – but Evan believes it’s a step forward.

“This is a great thing for fans,” Evan added, “because you either had to go that route and sign up for DirecTV, or be able to prove to them you couldn’t get the service so you could get the streaming package, or hope someone you knew had it so you could get the digital log-in.”

ESPN+ and/or Amazon Prime will still be more cost-effective, as Craig noted; Amazon Prime yearly subscriptions run $100-$120, while ESPN+ can be purchased in multiple packages for $20 a month maximum – but even that largest outlay, $360, gives users the other benefits of the services beyond the NFL.

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