Celebrating 25 years of Rick Wolff's Sports Edge


Feb. 5 marks the 25th anniversary of my doing the Sports Edge on WFAN Sports Radio.

In this day and age of shows coming and going very quickly, being on the air for a quarter century is a notable milestone.

For those of you who listen to the show on a regular basis, you know that this is not a program devoted to just about kids in sports. Hardly. This hour program on Sunday morning is focused on pinpointing and debating the key and critically important issues of being a sports parent, or a coach, or an educator in our society of ever-changing pressures on kids in sports.

Just consider last week’s Sports Edge, when we talked about the impact of sports parents who feel entitled to act and shout however they want at their kids games, and how that obnoxious behavior has now led to a major drop in the number of game officials, and how each state legislature now has to go back and add strong punishments to their laws in order to serve as deterrents to these out of control sport parents and fans.

Unless we do something proactive now, the problem of entitlement is only going to get worse. And ultimately, it’s our kids who will suffer from the antics of out of control parents at our youth and amateur games.

All that, plus some personal thoughts from yours truly about doing my show for 25 years and how the world of sports parenting continues to change all the time in the 25th anniversary show. Listen above!

Featured Image Photo Credit: WFAN