Chris "Mad Dog" Russo joins Jerry Recco & Sal Licata to celebrate WFAN's 35th Anniversary


You knew that WFAN’s 35th anniversary would bring out some big guests – and it started when Sal & Jerry let the Dog out.

Chris “Mad Dog” Russo joined Sal Licata and Jerry Recco on the morning show as they filled in for Boomer & Gio, and it was quite the sound hearing two classic ranters in Russo and Licata chatting with each other.

“Boy what a combination we have here this morning!” Dog joked as he joined the show, reminiscing about past Super Bowl hijinks with Jerry and a time he paid Sal “a fortune” to help him with the kids at an amusement park.

Dog has been off our airwaves for almost 15 years, but Jerry can still remember the things that hooked him on WFAN and Mike & The Mad Dog: NFL picks and the 1996 Yankees run with Pink Cadillac.

“Mike did a great job with that Pink Cadillac and the Yankees had a great summer,” Dog recalled. “We thought they’d beat Texas and the Orioles, but I did not think they’d beat the Braves. But they came back and won four in a row, and Mike and I did post-game every game.”

As you might expect, the recollection of that time period was quite Russo-esque, complete with minute details and even a remembrance of 25 shows at MSG for the 1994 Knicks and Rangers’ runs!

Chris admitted that he and Mike really didn’t know just what their pairing was going to mean for the sports radio industry, but Dog revealed that he maybe sensed it when Super Bowl radio row became more than just the pair doing shows.

And then, we finally found the one way to get Dog settled down when he’s off on a rant: phone connection issues! That ended up being Moment of the Day, and some classic Dog, as he mispronounced our parent company’s name AND still had issues with his phone, something you would think a 30-plus-year radio host would know best how to avoid!

Either way, great to have Dog back on the air for a little while – and there’s more reunions to come, including Mike Francesa joining former producer Chris McMonigle as he fills in for Carton & Roberts!

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