Craig Carton returning to WFAN as co-host of new 'Carton & Roberts' Show


Our man, pots and pans…Craiggy is BACK!

As confirmed at the end of Thursday’s Boomer & Gio Show, Craig Carton has signed a deal to return to WFAN, and he will take over as Evan Roberts’ partner in the PM Drive spot starting Monday, November 9.

“The secret is no longer a secret is out: Craig Carton is coming back to WFAN here. The last time we saw Craig here was Sept. 6, 2017 – 1,150 days ago – and Craig is coming back with open arms from all of us. We’re happy that this ordeal is over for Craig, and he’s back where he belongs,” Boomer Esiason revealed at the close of Thursday’s Boomer & Gio program.

The new “Carton & Roberts” program will air from 2-7 p.m. on weekdays starting Nov. 9, giving WFAN’s afternoon team an extra hour. And, while the program proper will not start for another week, Carton will officially return to the air TODAY, taking over the final hour of the Benigno & Roberts Show (5-6 p.m.) to talk directly to WFAN’s listeners before assuming his new role.

“For fans of the station, or Craig, he will be back on the FAN today by himself,” Boomer said. “I’m sure this is a long time coming for Craig, and it’s been a long time for all of us. He paid an incredible price in his life, and for those of us who know what he has gone through…as a former partner of his, I’m overjoyed that he’s coming back to the station, and he’s part of our family again.”

Carton is effectively taking the place of Joe Benigno, who announced Wednesday that he is retiring from full-time hosting duties on the FAN, ending the nearly 14-year-long run of Benigno & Roberts after their final show on Friday, Nov. 6.

The return also ends a three-year hiatus from the radio for Carton, who resigned from WFAN in September 2017 after his arrest, ending a decade-long run alongside Boomer Esiason on the FAN’s morning show.

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