Craig rips 'crying and whining' New Yorkers that are upset about Empire State Building


Craig Carton has seen all the outrage on Twitter, has heard all of the complaints, and is officially sick and tired of hearing New York fans “whining and complaining” about the Empire State Building being lit up in green and white to acknowledge the Eagles reaching the Super Bowl.

“You guys gotta stop, you gotta stop, you gotta stop, you gotta stop,” Craig said. “We are New Yorkers.

“You know, the amount of crying and whining and complaining because the Empire State Building for three hours yesterday was green and white to celebrate the Eagles getting to the Super Bowl is a joke. Is that how far we have fallen as New Yorkers that we complain and cry about the Empire State Building having a color up that we don't like? ‘Wah, it’s green, wah!’”

Craig was noticeably annoyed by the amount of complaints he was hearing about the symbol of New York showing support to a rival sports team, but to him, it wasn’t close to the amount of outrage he saw about the lights on a building for a few hours.

“What happened to you people?” Craig said. “And you can attack me all you want for being out of touch, I ain't crying over the color of the Empire State Building, as stupid as it might be.”

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