Does Tiki Barber know something about an OBJ return to the Giants?


Does Tiki Barber know a little somethin’ somethin’ about Odell Beckham Jr.’s future?

It has been reported that OBJ is expected to sign “with a contender” in the next couple weeks, as he is almost 100 percent after tearing his ACL in the Super Bowl, and he was in the Giants’ facility last month to visit the injured Sterling Shepard (even if GM Joe Schoen didn’t know he was there).

Well, Tiki was broadcasting down in Philly at our sister station 94WIP today ahead of Monday Night Football, and this is what he said about the Giants’ win in the Tiki & Tierney open:

“As I watched it, I kept asking myself how much better the Giants would be, and how much bigger the Giants’ expectations could be, if they had somebody other than Saquon Barkley they could rely on for big plays. I’m not saying these guys aren’t serviceable, but how good could Daniel Jones and this team be if there was a superstar wide receiver on this squad?”

That’s when Tiki advocated, or so we thought, for an OBJ return to Big Blue.

“I know people have up-and-down opinions on Jones still, but it’s time where the Giants have to fully believe in him and put someone around him who can make him excel and look elite  and that guy is Odell Beckham Jr.”

And then came the words that perked up ears and eyebrows.

“The Cowboys lost yesterday, and he doesn’t want to be there because it’s a different kind of hate if you don’t perform. But if he comes to New York, or when he comes to New York, Daniel Jones gets better and this Giants team really has a shot in the postseason, and we’d be on Cloud Nine. I’m calling for the giants to go get Odell, because Jones has proven he can be the leader, he needs some elite talent in that wide receiver room.”

BT said “not only is this victory Monday, it’s overreaction Monday” after that, but it sure sounded the way Tiki said “when” OBJ returns that something is up – and that only got more obvious later when Tiki revealed a conversation he had with John Mara down in Jacksonville a few weeks ago.

“I do know, because I had this conversation with John Mara in Jacksonville, and it was unprompted. It was kind of like, ‘Hey, Odell was here, he called me,’ and John wasn’t sure if he could talk to him or if it would be tampering. I know there’s an affinity there, and you hear Joe Schoen when he’s asked about him, there’s a wryness to his answer, like a knowing smile that something is happening there.”

And then, one last kicker in endorsement of OBJ:

“If Odell is mature and will sign for the right money, he is a difference maker for this team and Daniel Hones – and I would rather see that than the alternative, which is sign with the Dallas Cowboys and make them the Super Bowl favorite.”

We’re not saying Tiki knows what’s up for sure, but if OBJ comes back to the Giants, we’re calling it that Tiki Barber had it first!

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