Joe Schoen can't help but laugh at whether Dexter Lawrence has earned a contract extension


The Giants have two big question marks in Daniel Jones and Saquon Barkley when it comes to their future with the franchise, but they aren’t the only homegrown talents that Joe Schoen and company need to consider in the long term.

But Dexter Lawrence is also due an extension soon after a dominant season, and Schoen couldn’t help but laugh when asked if the All-Pro nose tackle has done enough to warrant a long-term deal.

“I would say Dexter’s done enough,” Schoen said after a chuckle, acknowledging that Lawrence has clearly warranted such a financial reward. “Again, we want all of our guys back. We want them to be here for a long time. Dexter played well, and we’ve got him under the fifth-year option. And that’ll be part of our end-of-season review in terms of how we want to approach that. But yeah, Dexter played really well, great person, great teammate. Happy he’s here.”

Lawrence is signed on a $12.4 million team option next season, but could the Giants sign him to a new deal this offseason? Schoen wouldn’t rule it out.

“We’re going to talk about it here in the future and then again, it goes back to we have certain cap space, and we have certain tools at our disposal,” Schoen said. “We’ll figure out how we want to utilize them.”

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