Giants showing season ticket holders love with Fan Appreciation prize on Sunday: free soda


Attention Giants fans: if you do lose your voice cheering (or booing, as has been the case at times) when the Dallas Cowboys come to town on Sunday, Big Blue has the remedy for you!

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In what appears to be an email to season ticketholders revealed by The Giants Wire on Twitter, Big Blue announced that as part of Sunday’s Fan Appreciation Day celebration at MetLife Stadium, every season ticket holder in attendance is entitled to…a free medium soda as their token of appreciation.

Yes, that’s right fans, as a thank you for sticking with the G-Men throughout a 4-8 season and attending a game that has all the hallmarks of a blowout, the Giants want to treat YOU to 20-ish ounces of refreshing Sierra Mist (or any other Pepsi product, the official soft drink of the New York Giants). Take out the ice, factor in the food cost, and congratulations, Giants fans, you’ll be able to enjoy roughly 22 cents worth of product as you sit five-figure PSL seats watching the Giants face the Cowboys, who probably have the biggest non-Jets or Eagles fan base in the Garden State.

Of course, you’re allowed to bring in water bottles or soft drinks under 20 ounces as long as they’re factory sealed, but if you don’t have the time or desire to hit the Vince Lombardi or the Valero on Washington Avenue on the way in, you’ll be able to quench your thirst a little cheaper.

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With temperatures at kickoff on Sunday forecast to be about 40 degrees, be sure to keep warm as you savor every sip of your free cold beverage, and remember: please do not use the ice as a projectile. It’s not classy, and besides, given that Dallas brought their own heated benches to Washington last week, it’s probably not going to phase them anyway.

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