Boomer and Gio debate: Is an NFL team better off with a star QB or a star head coach?


The Giants are looking for a new head coach, and believe they have their quarterback in Daniel Jones despite three seasons of uncertainty from the former sixth overall pick.

As New York prepares to hire a new head coach, Boomer and Gio debate: would an NFL franchise rather have a great head coach, or a great quarterback?

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Of course, any owner or general manager would say they want both. But if it came down to one or the other, Gio doesn’t need any time to weigh his response.

“To me, I would rather have a great quarterback 10 times out of 10 as opposed to a great coach,” Gio said.

Boomer, a former quarterback, pumped the brakes on the answer being such a landslide for Gio.

“The quarterback is important, of course. It’s the most important position in the sport,” Boomer said. “I still think the coach is the one who lays the foundation and organizes the team.”

Gio responded with the situation unfolding with Boomer’s former team in the Bengals, who are getting set to take on the Titans in the AFC Divisional Round on Saturday. Cincinnati won the AFC North for the first time in seven years this season, which Gio says is a direct result of a healthy Joe Burrow, not a difference-making head coach.

“Zac Taylor, when Joe Burrow was playing? Genius!” Gio said. “Zac Taylor when Joe burrow was hurt? Donkey.”

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One example where a team was blessed with both is the Patriots dynasty, with Bill Belichick and Tom Brady winning six titles together in New England. But Brady’s departure, in the eyes of Gio, highlights why it is more important to have a star quarterback.

“It’s a combination of the two, but clearly, you look at when those two split, and what has happened to Bill Belichick?” Gio said. “A year where he missed the playoffs and got roasted in the first round, and Tom Brady, all he’s done is win a Super Bowl.”

So, as Big Blue looks for a new head coach and continues on with what is still a relative unknown in Jones, Gio believes if New York could have one or the other, the choice would be obvious.

“If you told me I could have Bill Belichick as the Giants head coach or Patrick Mahomes for the next 10 years as the Giants quarterback, I’m taking Mahomes,” Gio said.

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