Joe Judge on Doug Pederson: 'I have a tremendous amount of respect for Coach'


Doug Pederson was fired by the Eagles on Monday, eight days after he inexplicably let career third-string QB Nate Sudfeld finish out the Birds’ Week 17 loss to Washington – one that “cost” the Giants an NFC East title and home playoff game.

Giants head coach Joe Judge had plenty to say about the situation (in a roundabout way) last Monday, but when he joined Boomer & Gio on WFAN Tuesday morning, he was mum on Pederson’s firing.

“I’m never going to comment on other jobs, that’s their decision, but I have a tremendous amount of respect for Doug, and he had tremendous success with that team,” Judge said. “Going against him now several times, here and in New England, he’s done a good job with that team. I’ll let that organization speak for their decisions, but I have a lot of respect for him and what he’s accomplished in this league.”

Pederson has been mentioned as a possible candidate for the Jets’ head coaching search, but the Jets hired their last head coach just days after he was fired from his previous job, and that didn’t work out so well.

Adam Gase is not Doug Pederson and vice versa, but to Judge, “taking time off” between head jobs isn’t necessarily a good or bad thing.

“I think it’s all on an individual basis. You’ve seen guys jump right into the next job and have success, and you’ve seen guys take years off and be just as successful,” Judge said. “You have to look at how much time each individual coach needs to step back and gather his thoughts, and then what are the opportunities available for him at the time. Jumping into just any opportunity isn’t always the right thing.”

Oh, yeah, and as it comes to that whole kerfluffle, Judge says he has “thick skin” so he was able to withstand the criticism of him over his take…and then he doubled down that it really was more about the Giants themselves than anything else in Week 17.

“If you listen back, I spent the previous 20 minutes of that interview saying we had 16 opportunities and didn’t take advantage. That’s the reality – it’s a production business, and we can’t rely on others to be successful, because 6-10 is not a playoff team,” Judge said. “I don’t make excuses, we don’t make excuses, not now, not ever – but my comments were what I was saying to my team since day one 1 about what we do here, and was an answer to what some of my players were saying. We’re going to always do everything we can here to be successful, and we expect the players to play hard for 60 minutes. We’re not trying to sit back and make excuses or say anyone owes us anything.”

Listen to Judge’s entire interview with Boomer & Gio below!

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