Joe Schoen tells Evan & Tiki when Giants knew they wanted Daniel Jones on long-term deal


Giants general manager joined Evan and Tiki at training camp on Monday, and says the organization was sold on Daniel Jones after seeing his full body of work during last season, his best as a Giant.

“I don’t think there was an ‘aha’ moment,” Schoen said. “He kept stacking week after week, good game after good game…we saw the consistency, the professionalism, how he approaches the game. He has the physical tools, and he’s young.

“That position, the lack of continuity throughout your career, that can affect you at that position. He didn’t have that. We have a very good offensive staff, and I think he was able to flourish under good coaching.”

As for the negotiating process once the season ended, and the Giants knew they wanted Jones to stick around, Schoen said it was still a challenging process, but all sides were happy with the four-year, $160 million pact that resulted from the offseason negotiations.

“As soon as the season was over, we know we want to go forward with Daniel as our guy,” Schoen said. “It was not easy by any means, and the quarterback deals are never easy, having been through that with Josh Allen in Buffalo recently, it’s big numbers, and you’re trying to come up with comps.

“We knew if we needed to, the franchise tag was available, but that wasn’t going to be good for any of us. Luckily, we were able to get something done.”

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