Gio doesn't get the hubbub about Charissa Thompson's sideline reports…but DOES love Peter Schwartz's response


Surely, you’ve heard by now that Charissa Thompson admitted on Pardon My Take that she made up some generic notes during some of her sideline reports – a comment she has since tried to retract or clear up via Twitter/X.

Gio has told a story about how he once did the same with the blessing of Pitt head coach Paul Crist – and that’s why he’s so confused why this is a big deal to anyone NOT named Charissa.

“Every sideline reporter in the history of the NFL came out and acted as if Charissa was one of the worst people on Earth,” Gio said.

“It came across as if she was devaluing what they do for a living,” Boomer replied. “These sideline reporters do take their jobs very seriously, so I kind of understand. They do try to build relationships, and whatever information they’re able to glean from those relationships.”

Gio gets that, but Charissa implicated herself and herself only, so why the hubbub?

“When a former athlete who is also a talk show host does something you don’t agree with, do you feel the need to stand up and defend former athletes who are talk show hosts on their behalf?” Gio asked. “No, so why did everyone come to such defense here?”

Gio read some of the vitriol as Boomer again explained “it kind of undercut the professional nature of that job who have it, because they don’t want to get lumped in by association.”

Peter Schwartz didn’t have any trouble adding to the social media deluge, which the guys of course had to weigh in on…and yeah, it was a fun end to the controversy for B&G.

“You know how they say criticism from your peers is the one that cuts the deepest?” Gio asked. “When Peter throws his two cents into all of this, that’s the gut punch! When Peter Schwartz, who is pushing 400 pounds, calls you lazy…that’s gotta be a moment for Charissa Thompson.

“Off the top rope baby…that’s a squash spot,” Boomer laughed.

Featured Image Photo Credit: Cooper Neill/Getty Images