Gio: NBA could be next league to face LIV Golf situation


After the PGA Tour and LIV Golf announced its highly-criticized merger on Tuesday, Gio wondered if another American sports organization could be next.

Could a professional sport come up against a rival overseas that begins poaching players with massive paydays, forcing them to merge and change the landscape of their sport?

Gio has his eye on the NBA.

“That will be. Watch out,” Gio said.  “The NBA and Major League Baseball, but the NBA more so, those are probably in the sights, because this was a huge victory.”

Gio could see the NBA, as a global game with plenty of worldwide interest, getting into a situation where another organization forms abroad and tries to lure the NBA’s biggest stars with astronomical paychecks, forcing the league into marrying into a merger with whatever group is paying those big bucks.

“If you are part of this Saudi, sports-washing, public trust fund whatever, and you saw this victory, what’s next?” Gio said. “The biggest, baddest players in the NBA, which is a global game, and I’m gonna start LIV Basketball and hand LeBron James $250 million to go right into his bank account so he can go play over there in some 3-on-3 tournament in Islamabad.”

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Featured Image Photo Credit: Ezra Shaw | Getty Images