B&G Sports Follies: How did Gio's golf ball end up in a gas station across the street?


Gio was a good athlete in high school, or at least half of that, but it seems like golf is not his sport, and his day on the links Thursday probably made him wish that Jerry Recco’s accidental golf ball to the dome had actually happened instead.

“I am still in shock about this: I almost killed a person. I was probably about six feet from killing a human being yesterday,” Gio said. “The fifth hole at West Sayville, it runs parallel to Montauk Highway, and I’m so screwed up with my swing; normally my ball fades to the right, and Montauk Highway is on the left, so never once have I gotten close to it.”

That hole has a wide fairway, too, as Boomer can attest to, but not THAT wide.

“Not only do I hit the ball left, I get into it better than any ball I’ve ever hit in my life. It goes over the fence, over the trees, and now it’s heading towards the road,” Gio recalled. “The guys I’m playing with all duck because cars are coming – but the ball cleared Montauk Highway and landed in the gas station across the street!”

Had he not crushed it, Gio probably would’ve nailed a windshield…and it got worse from there.

“The eighth hole, a par 3, there’s a pond in front of it where the end is like 100 yards up,” Gio said. “First one, I chunk into the water. Second one, into the reeds. I almost broke the club, but for my own mental state, I had to try again…and the third one I also hit into the water. An entire sleeve of balls, into the pond. Just horrible. It was so bad that everyone I played with texted me later to forget about it.”

Thankfully? for Gio, a caller named Joe said he's been at that gas station and seen balls come flying in, so Gregg isn't alone...and neither is the FUNERAL HOME right next door!

Have a Casamigos on the rocks tonight to forget about it, Gregg…and maybe check out the product advertised in the Moment of the Day?

Featured Image Photo Credit: WFAN