New COVID-19 protocols coming for Stanley Cup Playoffs

Fully vaccinated teams will be able to do a lot more

(WGR 550) – Frank Seravalli of TSN is reporting that the NHL has told its teams that if they are fully vaccinated, many of the protocols will be relaxed.

Fully vaccinated means that 85% of a team’s traveling party is fully vaccinated. That’s good news for the American teams advancing to the Stanley Cup Playoffs, but it will be different for the Toronto Maple Leafs, Winnipeg Jets, Edmonton Oilers and Montreal Canadiens.

The vaccine rollout in Canada has been much slower, so many players on those teams have had either one or no shots.

Seravalli said these are the changes that came to the teams in a memo:

1.) Any member of the traveling party that chose not to get vaccinated must still adhere to all the previous COVID-19 measures that have been in place all season.

2.) Fully vaccinate individuals may now gather in groups of eight, including others that are not in the traveling party, as long as they’ve been fully vaccinated. Masks and social distancing will not be required.

3.) Masks won’t be required in non-public areas of arenas and practice facilities for the fully vaccinated.

4.) Masks and social distancing won’t be required in meetings for the fully vaccinated.

5.) Fully vaccinated individuals will now be able to eat on planes, buses and at restaurants with outdoor dining. They can gather for indoor dining with no masks or distancing, as long as they’re in a section of the restaurant designated for them and secured from other people there.

6.) Fully vaccinated individuals may golf as a group.

7.) Fully vaccinated personnel will no longer have to get PCR tested on days off. Fully vaccinated players will not have to get a rapid test, unless the player did not have a PCR test the previous day.

8.) Fully vaccinated players may be in the hotel rooms of other fully vaccinated people.

9.) These protocols will also be for the referees and the linesmen, if the entire officiating team is fully vaccinated.

No schedule has been released yet for the upcoming 2021 Stanley Cup Playoffs.