Boomer & Gio crush Jets, Zach Wilson after Sunday's performance and postgame scene


The Giants’ loss to the Lions stung, and Kyrie’s return to the Nets was notable if not remarkable – but there was only one story that could dominate the WFAN airwaves on Monday, and that’s the performance of Zach Wilson and the Jets in a 10-3 loss to New England.

Boomer Esiason had quite a bit to say about it after the game ended on CBS’ studio show, and on Monday morning, well, Booms took Wilson to task for his postgame press conference as well as his showing on the field.

“We have a Gen Z quarterback who has no awareness of what is going on around him and how it looks and what the Jets fan feels like. I’m sure he understands this morning, because if he read anything on social media, it was destroying him,” Boomer said. “It was destroying him about his play, and rightfully so, because it was about as bad as it gets and he was about as nervous as you could possibly be. I know he was trying to play the game without making a mistake and turning the ball over – that’s bad as it is, but the reaction after the game, and the way he was so cavalier about what he said, makes me wonder if he truly understands what that position means in the NFL. He HAS to understand it.”

The quarterback isn’t the only one who is culpable, though, as Gio’s thought process on the game led to him screaming about the thought that maybe, as late as the fourth quarter even, the Jets should’ve made a change at quarterback.

“GET HIM OUT OF THE GAME!” Gio screamed. “GIVE THE FOURTH QUARTER TO MIKE WHITE! I don’t care about where he was drafted, it was that bad! Give someone else a shot! You had a chance to be in first place at the end of the day, and I don’t care about Zach Wilson’s development at that point! This team is good enough to win the division, or at least was going into yesterday, and that quarterback isn’t giving you a shot!”

That’s when Gio made the statement that he’s officially on the “is Zach really the guy?” train.

“Now we’re just going to ride with this guy? Rob Saleh says the last thing on his mind was making a quarterback change?” Gio asked. “Well, it should be the first thing on your mind next week, because that guy isn’t good enough! Not right now, and I’m not sure if he’ll ever be, and the attitude is a HUGE problem.”

Maybe, Boomer wonders, the NFL game is just too big for Wilson?

“There were plays where he was reading the defense and was trying to get the ball to the right guy, and it either sailed on him, or he underthrew it for some reason; he just missed wide open guys, and maybe balls were into the wind, but he’s got arm strength, he should be able to get the balls there,” Boomer said. “But what that tells me is that the game and the moment is too big, and there are too many problems that he’s dealing with mentally, that his physical abilities aren’t reaching their full potential because his brain is in the way.”

And the biggest problem there, in Boomer’s eyes, is that this isn’t something that should be happening halfway through Wilson’s second season.

“After the first New England game, Zach Wilson responded well against Buffalo; the question now is can he do it again against Chicago?” Boomer asked. “Here we are in his second year, and you’d like to think you’re going to see some growth; maybe they’re seeing something we have not seen openly on the field yet, but I’m tired of hearing it, because ultimately, the proof is in the performance on the field, and whether or not you have it in you to withstand the scrutiny and the temperature of the game. This is an extremely competitive game, ad you cannot back down and wilt and give up – but there are times in these games where the ball gets away from him, and it tells me he’s nervous. Maybe he was able to get away with that in high school or at BYU, but he can't do that with the New York Jets and expect to win.”

In Gio’s eyes, it may already be too late.

“The patience has run out for a number of reasons between Jets fans and Zach Wilson,” Gio said. “They’ve been through hell trying to find a quarterback, and that’s not Zach Wilson’s fault, but the other part of it is that they know they have a good team around him. Joe Douglas put a good team around him, and to have him and this offense hold that team back is frustrating. You’re looking at one of those situations where you feel like the team is ready to win now, they just don’t have a quarterback.”

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