Boomer goes off on critics bashing him for criticizing Mekhi Becton


Boomer Esiason has been hyper-critical of Mekhi Becton recently, especially as he showed up to Jets minicamp rather overweight, and fans have been getting on The Booms for it – and so has one article on FanSided.

“They say Boomer Esiason foolishly suggests the Jets may cut Mekhi Becton,” Gio told Boomer Tuesday, and “say you’ve taken it a step too far, and went as far as calling Becton unhealthy.”

“He is,” Boomer shot back. “I’m telling you, someone has to motivate him. He can stand in front of a press conference and wear a t-shirt that shows how mad and upset he is about how people are coming down on him – he has a responsibility to his teammates and the organization and general manager that drafted him to come back in shape.”

The exact situation surrounding Becton’s knee injury – which went from eight weeks or so to nine months and counting, and that’s part of what The Booms has been critical of: Becton’s role in that lengthy absence.

“He has been missing, he has been MIA until he showed up, and he weighed over 395 pounds,” Boomer said. “I think they would accept him at somewhere around 375-380, because that would show some sort of progress towards where he should be – but even at that, is he going to be able to block Myles Garrett coming around the corner?”

George Fant had a strong season at left tackle last year, but Becton was drafted No. 11 overall for a reason, and Boomer urged him to help himself.

“If you want your left tackle to be one of the most important players on the team, you better hope he gets himself in better shape,” Esiason said. “For his own health first and foremost, but then for the health of your QB and GM, and your overall team is going to be better.”

The article Gio was reading noted that Becton has reportedly working with nutritionist all off-season, but Boomer is a little skeptical.

“How many hot dogs and pizzas was he eating? How much fried food is he eating?” Boomer asked. “The guy standing on that podium is unhealthy, and anyone should want him to grow up. Somebody has to wake him up to do that, and I don’t know if the Jets trust him. I’m just being real about it.”

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