Boomer: Dalvin Cook's viral missed blocking assignment sums up state of Jets


Dalvin Cook went viral on Sunday for looking lost in the backfield while the Bills pass rush swarmed Zach Wilson for a sack, and Boomer said it was very reflective of the state of the Jets.

“It was as if he had no idea who to block,” Boomer said. “He’s standing next to Zach Wilson as he gets absolutely steamrolled by the blitzing linebacker that is Dalvin Cook’s responsibility. I’m like ‘Hey Dalvin, how much did you pay for those tickets? Because you have the best seat in the house watching your quarterback get drilled.’”

Why was it a reflection of the Jets season? Boomer says it showed how disjointed the offense looks without its Week 1 starter, and how far the offense has fallen with Wilson at quarterback.

“That probably wouldn’t happen if Aaron Rodgers were there, because he would probably look over to Dalvin Cook and say ‘Hey, you got 45,’ or whatever the number was,” Boomer said. “‘You got him,’ because you obviously have no idea what you’re doing.’”

Featured Image Photo Credit: Elsa | Getty Images