Boomer: Jets have to look at QB position if they lose to Pats, so why not Carson Wentz?


Boomer and Gio agree that the Jets have a quarterback problem, and if they can’t beat the 0-2 Patriots on Sunday, it will be time to make a change.

“They’re gonna have to do something. They’re gonna have to,” Gio said. “Whether that something is Tim Boyle, he can’t play. I know it’s an ‘if’ still, but it feels like a ‘when’ with him.

“They can’t let this kid drag them to the bottom of the ocean. They gotta pull the plug sooner than later. If they don’t win this game, he can’t play another game.”

If the Jets can’t win on Sunday, and Wilson struggles like he did against the Cowboys, especially in the fourth quarter, then Boomer would make a call to Carson Wentz.

“They have to win this game. They do,” Boomer said. “This game, for Zach Wilson, if I’m Joe Douglas and I see another performance like the one I just saw, against a defense that isn’t nearly as good as the one I just played…they have to win this game.

“I know Carson Wentz has a perception about him, but Frank Reich didn’t want to cut Carson Wentz at the end of the season. The owner did, because he overreacted to two losses at the end of the season. Carson Wentz isn’t playing right now for a reason…but what other alternatives are there? They’re not trading high draft picks for a guy now. I don’t see that at all.”

Featured Image Photo Credit: Scott Taetsch | Getty Images