Boomer walks 79-year-old caller through watching Jets opener without cable


Because of the ongoing contract dispute between Disney and Charter Communications, Spectrum customers are currently unable to view ESPN as part of their cable packages.

That represents a major problem for Spectrum customers like Mike in Manhattan, a Jets fan in panic mode over how he will watch Gang Green’s highly-anticipated season opener on Monday night.

Mike, at 79 years old, needed some help on how to watch the game, so he called Boomer for some help.

Boomer was ready to save the day for this long-time Jets fan.

“Do you have internet in your house? Do you have a Smart TV?” Boomer asked.

Mike indeed has Roku, which made things easy for Boomer.

“What you should do, at least for this week, download Fubo TV, sign up for a seven-day free trial,” Boomer said. “You’re gonna have to give them a credit card and then cancel it, but if you download Roku, which has ESPN, then you can watch the Jets on Monday night.”

Problem solved. Seems like Mike will be able to sit back and watch the debut of Aaron Rodgers on Monday.

Featured Image Photo Credit: WFAN