Boomer: Zach Wilson criticism is getting 'so over the top'


The Thursday Night Football broadcast crew on Amazon Prime were very critical of Zach Wilson, and Boomer says the Wilson hate is starting to get out of hand.

“It seems like everybody in America is coming down on this kid,” Boomer said. “We’ve been critical, there are reasons to be critical, but it’s gotten to the point where it is so over the top.

“I’m rooting for this kid. Everyone is just dumping on him.”

Boomer has shared his own criticisms of Wilson, but still believes he saw some signs of improvement in the Jets Week 2 loss against the Cowboys. Gio has been more critical, and believes the opinions from the TNF crew show that the rest of the country has caught on.

“I don’t want it to seem like a personal thing,” Gio said. “It just drives me nuts, and it’s compounded because I didn’t expect to have to watch him play football this year.

“You watched Tony Gonzalez, a Hall of Famer, Ryan Fitzpatrick has played on a million teams, and was the Jets quarterback, Andrew Whitworth, who is going to be a Hall of Famer, and Richard Sherman kick Zach Wilson around like a hacky sack.”

Featured Image Photo Credit: Al Bello | Getty Images