Caller reveals to Boomer and Gio he threw pretzel into Jets huddle before record-setting play


The Jets will begin a new era with Aaron Rodgers on Monday night, but first, Michael in Carney called in to Boomer and Gio on the first football Friday of the year to remember a fantastic story back when Boomer was still playing for Gang Green.

Michael recalled a primetime game against the Bears in 1994, where he threw a pretzel into the Jets huddle just before the offense lined up to execute what is still the longest non-scoring rushing play in NFL history.

“Back in ’94, when you were on the Jets…you had gotten knocked out in the second half or the first half,” Michael told Boomer (about 27:10 into clip above), who corroborated that side of the story, remembering being sidelined after Alonzo Spellman “twisted my ankle underneath a pile.”

“I fired a pretzel into the huddle,” Michael continued. “It hit [Jets offensive lineman] Jeff Criswell in the helmet, and landed right in the middle of the huddle.

“It was like just a piece of it. I think it might have even had some mustard on it. might have left a little yellow on Criswell’s helmet. Landed right in the middle of the huddle.”

Boomer and Gio loved the story, and had Mike Fliegelman dig up video of the play, and Fliegelman delivered, playing audio from the game where the announcers clearly discuss the officials removing something off the field after the Jets broke their huddle.

“You could see the ref, he blows the play dead, picks up the thing, and the announcers think it’s bugs,” Gio laughed. “Meanwhile, it’s this caller’s pretzel that he flung onto the field. That’s amazing.”

Featured Image Photo Credit: Simon Bruty | Getty Images