Chris Simms: Jets have 'worst team, worst roster' in football


“We all understand they’re not a talented team, and nobody came into this year looking at this roster saying, ‘the Jets are going to put the AFC on its ear.’ However, they’re the worst team in the NFL; other teams have shown you a pulse, but this team is lifeless and has given you nothing.”

Those are the words of Marc Malusis, while Moose and Maggie Gray welcomed Chris Simms to the midday show on WFAN on Tuesday. The above is an indictment on the staff, Moose surmised, and what followed was perhaps the most damning of an outside criticism from Simms himself.

“The Jets are the worst team in football, I don’t think there’s any doubt about that right now, and it’s the worst roster in football, and I don’t even think that’s close.”

Okay, so not directly followed, but here’s how Simms led up to his thought:

“I’ve said this before: it’s an indictment on everything. It’s an indictment on the owner for hiring (Mike) Maccagnan a GM before this; he was going to get fired in Houston, and the Jets made him a GM. Why? There’s issues across the board with the Jets, so it’s easy to point it all at the coaches. Maybe I am a little biased because I know Adam Gase, but I try to take bias out of it – it is anemic, and you’ve lost energy out of your defense without Jamal Adams and CJ Mosley…who is worth a damn on that defense? They’re really screwed from that standpoint, and I want more too.”

After Simms’ rant, Maggie reiterated her thoughts that the Jets have to be tanking to be as bad as they have looked – “I think Joe Douglas is tanking, because I think that he realized if you’re going to be bad, be really bad, because it doesn’t pay to be in the middle,” she said – which led Moose to wonder if Sam Darnold would be better somewhere like Arizona, Buffalo, or Cleveland, or anywhere else a high draft pick has been used on a quarterback since 2018.

Moose’s question to Simms: If that were the case, would we be questioning whether or not Darnold is a franchise quarterback?

“No, we’re definitely not,” said Simms, who had Darnold ranked No. 23 in his pre-season QB rankings. “I have no questions about Sam Darnold. I don’t sit there and watch the film and go, ‘oh, man, he just can’t do it.’ Is he perfect? No, but I’d argue that if he was elsewhere, the results might be better. If Sam Darnold is on one of those teams, we’re not flirting with these conversations.”

And then, within the ultimate damning of the team, the ultimate praise of Darnold himself from Simms.

“Sam Darnold is fine everybody. The New York Jets have their quarterback…it’s the other 21 guys on the team, that’s the problem.”

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