Gio goes off on Jets, patting Zach Wilson on the back for smallest signs of promise


The Jets were largely supportive of Zach Wilson after his three interception performance on Sunday, pointing to his much stronger first three quarters before things unraveled in the fourth.

For Gio, it’s all just continued excuse making for a quarterback that simply isn’t going to cut it in the NFL, and the pats on the back need to stop so reason can prevail.

“It’s enough with the little pats on the back with stuff,” Gio said. “That’s what’s driving me crazy. ‘Oh, he stepped into that throw. Oh, he made a nice throw there to Garrett Wilson.’ Everyone is so starved and thirsty for him to do something positive, that those little positive things get blown out of proportion.”

The Jets committed to Wilson as the starter moving forward, and Gio believes that is causing both the team and the fanbase to cling to any shred of evidence that Wilson is showing signs of improvement, or becoming the quarterback the Jets hoped he would be when they drafted him second overall. All that is doing is getting in the way of reality.

“The Jet fan doesn’t want to see this season go down the drain, and good for them for staying positive,” Gio said. “But they take every little completion and every little throw and say ‘Oh look, he can do it!’ No, he can’t.”

Featured Image Photo Credit: Richard Rodriguez | Getty Images