Boomer & Gio put Jets' social media venting at feet of Robert Saleh


Both Breece Hall and Sauce Gardner voiced their frustrations on social media after Sunday’s loss, with Gardner firing back at a Cowboys fan account for praising CeeDee Lamb’s performance when lined up against the Jets cornerback, and Hall venting about only getting four carries on the day.

Both deleted those posts, but Boomer and Gio believe it’s more evidence that the coach doesn’t have enough of an influence on the locker room to curtail that kind of behavior.

“When you think about the social media aspect of the Jets, and how they’re so active after games, this is on the coach,” Boomer said. “Does anyone in New England get on Twitter and start yapping away at the fans?

“Most likely, the fans going after Sauce Gardner were Cowboy fans…but you can’t sit here and after the game, go immediately to your phone and start fighting with people about your performance. Your team lost. [Belichick] is all over those guys up there about ‘This is your team. You are not an individual when you are out there representing our franchise. I don’t want to see any crap on social media.’”

Gio couldn’t agree more, and says Saleh needs to, at least somewhat, divert from his friendly persona and take command when necessary, including instances like Sunday with Gardner and Hall.

“This is another thing that Rob Saleh lets get out of control,” Gio said. “He’s your buddy, he wants you to be you…but it goes too far. It went too far last year when guys were liking tweets about Zach Wilson not being good, it went too far with the Mike White t-shirts, and it continued in the offseason with guys like Mekhi Becton or Quinnen Williams bitching about their role or their contract, and it continues now. It could have been addressed 10 million times. Either he hasn’t addressed it, or the team doesn’t respect him enough to listen to what he’s saying about it.

“Enough of this buddy buddy, pat you on the ass crap.”

Featured Image Photo Credit: Richard Rodriguez | Getty Images