Sal: Robert Saleh 'talks a tough game,' but can't be Dan Campbell


The notoriously fiery and motivating Dan Campbell led the upstart Lions to a statement victory over the defending champion Chiefs on Thursday night, showing no fear from the start by executing a successful fake punt from inside his team’s own 20-yard line.

For BT and Sal, their biggest question surrounding the 2023 Jets is the capability of the head coach, and they aren’t sure if Saleh can do what Campbell did on Thursday, and what he does in the locker room on a weekly basis.

“Dan Campbell talks tough, and Dan Campbell backs it up,” BT said. “The one thing I’m not sure of is if the Jets have the right coach. I’m rooting for him, I like him…but that first true moment of inflection, all the f-bombs, all the crow talk, I better see my head coach do for his team what Dan Campbell did for his team.”

Sal doesn’t see Saleh showing much of Campbell this season, and isn’t sure if Saleh would be the one making such a call in the first place.

“I don’t think he will. I don’t think Saleh has that in him,” Sal said. “He talks the tough game, and so do the Jets, but I don’t think he’s gonna coach that way. By the way, who is even making that call? Is Robert Saleh making that call to fake a punt inside their own 20, or is Hackett, or Rodgers for that matter?

“I can’t imagine he’s gonna be that aggressive.”

Featured Image Photo Credit: Elsa | Getty Images