Joe & Evan's NFL Picks: 2020 Week 8


Both Joe and Evan went 1-2 last week, so nothing changes in the standings but the numbers, and Evan maintains a three-game lead through Week 7.

This week? Joe and Evan are going head to head on one game, and in the other two, Evan’s all about a big number at home and some history getting points on the road, while Joe, in his penultimate picks, is all about a road dog that’s somehow undefeated…and the Broncos, bro!

First, the current standings (last week in parenthesis):
Evan: 11-10 (1-2)
Joe: 7-14 (1-2)

And now, Week 8 from Joe & Evan, brought to you by, Bud Light, and Prop Swap!

Patriots (+3.5) at Bills:
“I’m 37 years old, and for more than half of my life, the Patriots have dominated, and have always figured things out. As bad as they looked against the 49ers, I just…are they really gonna lose again? I don’t think the Buffalo Bills are really that good? The Pats have won eight straight in Buffalo, and the Patriots are 35-4 in the last 39 games these two teams have played against each other. Does any of that mean anything on Sunday? Maybe not, but I’m still skeptical, and I’m getting points.”

Seahawks (-3.5) vs. San Francisco: “I love Seattle coming off a loss like that last week. When a good football team is coming off a loss like that, they’re a dangerous team. Seattle is a better football team, and an angry football team.”

Giants (+11.5) vs. Buccaneers: “When the Giants are huge underdogs like this, they cover the number a lot, and they’ve won a few times! I believe that the Giants have fought all season, and they will fight and stay in this game. And, I don’t know if I believe in trap games, but if there ever was one, this is it for Tampa Bay. And this is a huge number for the Giants at home.”

Steelers (+4) at Ravens:
“I have to take the only undefeated team left getting points! I understand how good the Ravens are, but this is a blood and guts rivalry, maybe the sexiest now in the NFL. I probably would’ve taken the Ravens if they were getting points, but I’m getting an undefeated team with points, and I can see this being a one-point game, or at least a field goal game.”

Broncos (+3) vs. Chargers: “This Herbert kid looks good, but the Chargers have found very creative ways to lose games this year. I know Denver got whacked last week against the Chiefs, but it’s the Chiefs. You know the Chargers can be a very flaky team.”

49ers (+3) at Seattle: “I like the way the Niners are playing since they lost to Miami, and Seattle’s Achilles heel is that they are not a good defensive football team. The Niners can run the ball down your throat, and I think they’ll do that. You’re never going to stop Russell Wilson, but if the Niners can control the ball, I think they’re going to win this game.”

Check out the full segment below, and as always, be ready to call in Monday to give Joe & Evan love (or hell) for their picks!

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