Josh Hart upsets wife by playing video games with Jalen Brunson right after seeing him on court


Josh Hart and Jalen Brunson’s time as teammates goes back to their days at Villanova, and are now clicking on the court as pros together since Hart was acquired by the Knicks in February.

Naturally, the two are still very close, but to the point where it may bother their partners.

Hart told reporters on Friday that his wife was mad at him earlier this week when he hopped right on the controllers to play PGA Tour 2K23 with Brunson, right after seeing him on the court.

“I think his fiancé and my wife are a little annoyed sometimes. My wife got mad at me the other day,” Hart said. “I was playing video guys, I was about to play with Jalen, and she was like, ‘Didn’t you guys just see each other?’ I was like ‘Yes, technically.’

“That’s just how we are, man. We have a close relationship. We have a lot of mutual friends and family, and stuff like that. It’s fun, playing with my brother.”

Hart and Brunson clearly have a playful relationship, with Hart making a new tradition of snacking while staring at Brunson while he goes through his postgame press conferences, and their longstanding chemistry has helped the Knicks thrive, especially now, as Hart has been in the starting lineup with Brunson since Quentin Grimes went down with a shoulder injury.

“That’s my brother,” Hart said. “We’ve been super close for I don’t know how many years.”

As for that game of PGA, Hart had to reveal the outcome.

“I won,” Hart said. “Just saying.”

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